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About Us

Care for the Earth

RP is “caring for the earth” by creating a center where self-sustainable, regenerative and ecologically-supportive techniques can be introduced, studied and shared with our neighbors and interested individuals in Guatemala and throughout the world. Because of our unique niche in the biosphere, our focus is primarily on regenerative agriculture and food forestry for tropical highland environments (we are at 2000 meters, or 6,561 feet elevation), with additional emphasis on rainwater capturing and storage, grey water recycling, and natural building bamboo-based architecture.

Care for the People

At RP visitors and students can learn about self-sustaining, environmentally conscious, low-no waste and socially-supportive community living. The students who stay with us will have opportunities to see and participate in any one of the regenerative agriculture-based activities on the farm. In addition, all visitors can participate in talks regarding global warming and regenerative agriculture, yoga sessions, and farm tours.

During the evening hours, as those who are staying on the farm are eating dinner and winding down from the day’s activities, it is our intention to foster a congenial community spirit through participatory artistic expressions such as music, song, and poetry. This allows for all of us to "heal” to through healthy and creative self-expression  and through recognition of our wonderful diversity and our common needs and aspirations.

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